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Martin Deacon
Owner & Operator
Jamerica Carribean Restaurant
Madison, WI

Need a mood lift? Step inside Jamerica's door, where you'll be cheered instantly by the boisterous, singsong beat of reggae music, by walls postered with languid tropical scenes and, best of all, by the mouthwatering aroma of meat braising with hot peppers and vinegar.

Be sure to check out our store shelves! We feature a variety of jerk seasonings, Caribbean seasonings, hot pepper sauces, and herbs & spices for all your home cookin' pleasure.

Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials! Jamerica offers Delivery Service Straight to your Door.

Jamerica opened as a specialty grocery and take-out shop on Williamson street in 1995. Soon after 1995, Martin Deacon, who was raised in Port Antonio, added a nine-table restaurant. "Ever since," he says, "the food's been flying." The menu includes fried plantains, jerk chicken and pork and other Jamaican standards, plus such specialties as pepper pot callaloo soup and mango rundown catfish. Says Martin, "The people who go to the island, they find the taste there, then come back and they can find it here."

There's a laid-back, be-yourself ambiance to the place, but seating is limited, so reservations are suggested. It's fun to sit near the reach-in cooler on the back wall, where, throughout the meal, you can help yourself to Red Stripe, Ting grapefruit soda, or a sweetly stinging ginger beer, all from Jamaica and all effective counterpoints to a fiery heap of jerk pork or curried goat. (In true island cafe style, empties are left on the table until the server tallies the check)


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